Saturday, 3 June 2017

Why you cannot survive in China without WeChat

When you are deciding to travel to China, it is very much useful to know what are the apps blocked in China and also what apps are allowing to use. In China, the social media like Face book and Twitter are blocked over there. If you wish to use some apps to get in touch with your family and friends, you can use the WeChat app, which is more convenient to communicate with others. Basically, WeChat is one of the most popular social media networking applications on the internet. Currently, this app has over 889 millions of active users in all around the world. They are spending time in WeChat for 66 minutes per day on average. But this WeChat has not been popular in the international markets outside of the China.
Of course, this WeChat app is a more convenient communication application for travelers in China. With this popular app, you are able to get in touch with your family and friends in the country and also contact them to meet anywhere in China. However, this is an only app for Chinese to use for communication via the internet. This is why; people in China cannot survive without WeChat. When you plan to go China as a foreigner, first of all you should download and install the WeChat on your computer, mobile phone, tablet or any other android or iOS devices. Before installing it, you must read the terms and conditions carefully and then start using this app hassle-free

WeChat- Best app for foreign travelers in China
Once you install the WeChat in your device, let you sign up for a WeChat account by using your
phone number. When you download this app, the input information is required to use this app. In fact, it is very much simpler than signing up for QQ account. Now, the WeChat is becoming one of the most popular apps in China that greatly supports on all mobile phones and well adapted to work on them for effective communication. This is a major reason why the foreign travelers are using the WeChat now.

WeChat app for Chinese smart phone users

If you don’t know the Chinese language, this WeChat app is featured with a translation function. To use this feature, you can press the text messages for just about two seconds and then choose a language for translation help. If you wish to meet your friends near you after installing this app, you just shake your phone by using shake function. This will help you to choose other WeChat users nearby. In the Chinese city, you can find hundreds of people within a few hundred meters. This app is also very useful for making a lot of new friends in China. If you are in a Wi-Fi environment, you can access the feature of free install call in WeChat. However, this app also allows you to send text or voice message for free, so it is such a useful app for those who live in China. Therefore, WeChat marketing is always the best for the Chinese smart phone users. 

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